Katie Manos
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Downtown Women's Center: Needs Assessment Report

Downtown Women’s Center

Design and strategy to benefit women in Skid Row.


verynice was fortunate enough to be asked to help both participate in and design the 2013 Downtown Women's Needs Assessment in Los Angeles.

Not only did several members of our team go out to Skid Row to collect valuable information from it's female residents, we were able to see it through as well-designed, tangible evidence that what the Downtown Women's Center does is amazing and extremely needed in their community.

With our designer Alisa and intern Jessica, we produced a report that has been shown to garner more traction that their previous efforts; from news outlets to government officials. We used colors that, while were exiting and welcoming, took the subject matter seriously. The graphs and design elements were created from custom watercolor patterns to represent the diverse women that call the Downtown Women's Center home. 


Creative Direction/Design: Kate Manos
Art Direction/Design Lead: Alisa Olinova
Design: Jessica Lin
Project/Accounts Manager: Kate Manos